Blueberry Jammers tie for seventh!

Blueberry Jammers at Young Tradition Showcas

Blueberry Jammers at Young Tradition Showcase

IHM’s Blueberry Jammers are moving up in the world! In an attempt to branch out, meet more people, and see new faces the Blueberry Jammers accepted an invitation to compete during the Young Tradition Weekend at the Showcase on May 16 in Burlington, VT.  The Young Tradition Showcase consisted of young singers, dancers, and musicians (the Jammers include all three), all carrying on various musical folk traditions from around the world.

Dancing, too!

Dancing, too!

Out of thirty-two competitors, our local Blueberry Jammers tied for seventh place in the audience-judged contest. What made the audience love the Jammers? Come and see their amazing performance yourself at their very own seventh annual Richmond Blueberry Fiddle Festival 2009, Cheshire Fairgrounds, Swanzey, August 7 & 8. To see videos and pictures, click on the following links:
YouTube Video Part One (2:04)

YouTube Video Part Two (7:50)

For David Yandell’s pictures, click this link.