Students Raise Funds for Field Trip

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The life lesson of working for something you want (and not having it just handed to you) was recently tackled successfully by grades K-4, 7-8. They made plans to go to the Southwick Zoo in the spring, but even such a modest field trip is expensive; there is no leeway in our penny-pinching budget for “extras”.

So, the classes planned a fundraising evening. By putting on a delightful series of music, short dramas, jokes, and the grand finale: a “puppet” show, the classes were able to provide a delightful evening’s entertainment for a bargain rate: $5 per person or $10 per family. Meanwhile, the seventh and eighth grade students sold refreshments: popcorn, hot chocolate, and baked goods. After lots of hard work, they raised an amazing $500! Congratulations!

Click here to see a few pictures from the event.

We look forward to seeing what the fifth and sixth grade class come up with to fund-raise for their portion of the trip (they joined the project too late to participate in this evening’s entertainment).